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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

James Wan Upcoming Project 2019

James Wan

James Wan Upcoming Project 2019

James Wan is the best horror movies director, he made many horror movies like, The Conjuring series, Insidious series, Dead Silence and also produced film like, Annabelle, Saw, Lights Out, The Nun and many more.
After that James Wan made an action movie called "Fast and The Furious" and this movie proved that James Wan is not just best horror film director above all he can also make best action film, and he proved himself by making Fast and The Furious.
But the biggest success of James Wan is the latest action movie from DC universe is Aquaman.

Aquaman is a superhero movie directed by James Wan, and this movie made collection above one Billion, but now in 2019 James Wan working on his new upcoming project which is a horror movie and this horror film is coming in April 2019.

Curse of Llarona

James Wan Upcoming Project 

Currently James Wan is producing an horror movie called "Curse of Llarona"
This movie is based on true story like The Conjuring series, and this movie is releasing on 19 April 2019.
My recommendation is, do not miss this movie because James Wan is the part of this film.

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