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Monday, February 4, 2019

Aquaman is a massive Hit Movie



Aquaman is a superhero movie which is directed by James Wan who is also known for making the best horror movies like, The Conjuring, Dead Silence and Insidious. 
These are the greatest hits horror movies of all time, but now James Wan made a best superhero film Aquaman.

This movie made massive box-office collection with over One Billion, after many years DC universe back on track.

In this movie we can see, Jason Momoa as The Aquaman, there is no second opinion that, he is the perfect person for Aquaman.
Jason Momoa is also known as Khal Drogo in a famous T.V series called Game of Thrones, Aquaman is the first movie from DC universe which is not a dark film and that makes this movie different from others.
From my opinion you should definitely watch this movie even, if you are marvel fans this is a must watch superhero film.

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