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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Avengers End Game

The Avengers End Game

The Avengers End Game 

Avengers is one of the most popular series from the Marvel Studio but what can we expect for End Game which is going to be final part of The Avengers.
We probably know that something would be secret in this movie which Russo Brothers is hiding from fans, as we saw on the Infinity War, all Superheroes vanished in ashes but in the trailer of End Game we saw all the ashes is merging again, you can see this image above.
It's mean all the superheroes will be return in Avengers End Game.

After Avengers End Game

Russo Brother already has a plan for next story of Avengers, perhaps in the credit scene of End Game, we can see Hugh Jackman as "Wolverine" because according to Russo brothers, they are making a new and massive team of Superheroes which means many other heroes can join The Avengers and Fantastic Four is also one of them.
So this was my opinion on End Game, tell me what your thoughts about this upcoming series of Avengers.

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