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Sunday, November 25, 2018

New Joker Movie First Look Revealed

New Joker Movie First Look
The Joker

New Joker Movie Origin

The Joker is an upcoming movie from the universe of DC, we all knows that what is the chracter of joker.
Joker was a comedian in his previous days, but how he changed from a comedian to Seriel killer and that is what this movie is all about.

 Joaquin Phoenix Joker Origin movie first looked released, the director Todd Phillips himself uploaded the photo in his Instagram account. The fans were fascinated to see Joaquin Phoenix looks exactly similar to the comic-book Joker.

New Joker Movie First Look
First Look

New Joker Movie First Look

This is the first look of Joker movie, and looks amazing to me, but DC can change his makeup because this is a just trial look of Joker.

Warner Bros are again back on the track, with their Superhero genre movies. This time they planned to introduce Batman's biggest foe Joker in the big screen.

This time WB will be exploring the story of Clown Prince, the movie will an Origin story of Joker, but it will be different from the comic-books. After Suicide Squad Jared Leto dropped out of the project, the studio casted Joaquin Phoenix for the role.

DC fans were a little disappointed by the decision of studio's casting Joaquin Phoenix as Joker, but by seeing the first look of the movie, they are assured that Joaquin will do justice to the Joker's character.

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