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Thursday, October 25, 2018

New Batman Movie is coming soon

New Batman Movie is coming soon

After the success of the last two installment of "Planet of the Apes" series, Matt Reeves is now working on the live-action movie of DC's Greatest Detective. Warner Bros. is putting the future of Batman on the big screen in the hands of Matt Reeves.
One of the biggest reasons Reeves wanted to direct Batman is because he is a massive fan of the DC hero. Although Ben Affleck was originally set to direct "The Batman" but due to some problem, he stepped down from the director position and left the project.

Will there be a new Batman

It is confirmed that Ben Affleck won't be reprising his role as The Batman in the upcoming movie, the new actor for the role of Batman hasn't been decided yet. There's been a great portrayals from Micheal Keaton, Christian Bale, Val Kilmer and George Clooney. None of them are the original Batman, though as that title belongs to Adam West.
Matt Reeves recently visited a Batman' 66 exhibit. The director shared several photos from the event on his Twitter account.

At first there were rumours that new  Batman movie will be heavily influenced on "Batman: Year One" comic-book but in an interview director Matt Reeves declared that the movie is not based on any comic-book but it will be a personal story of the hero.
As from the photos of the event, fans are expecting that Penguin, Black Mask or Riddler might be the villain of the story. Reeves used this visit for the research of the movie.
The movie will start filming next year and there will be many updates coming by the end of the year.

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