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Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Nun Movie Complete Review

The Nun Movie

The Nun is a great horror movie which is released on 7 September 2018 this movie is from the universe of Conjuring it is also called the Darkest chapter of The Conjuring. This movie is good with complete scary environment the Nun is a completely dark movie it is good for all horror fans.

The Nun Movie Review and Plot 

In this movie we saw the origin of Nun that where she came from and why she trying to kill everyone all these answers are in this film but according to Cretic this is the weakest movie from the universe of Conjuring according to them the environment of this film was good and also scary but the plot of this film was disappointed because in this film they didn’t shows the complete origin of Nun in proper way.

Story of The Nun was disappointed and Critic also says that this is the weakest movie from the universe of Conjuring but everyone knows that Annabelle 2014 was the weakest film from this universe.
 from my opinion you should watch The Nun because  it is far better and more scary than Annabelle 2014.

This movie released in several language in India, if you like to watch Hollywood movies Hindi dubbed then I recommend you to watch The Nun because in Hindi dubbed they didn’t change dialogs and all the Hindi dialogs of this film is mostly similar to its English version, so I think this is good and if you guys are fans of Conjuring universe so I recommend you to watch this film on theatre because you all knows that true horror feelings comes in theatre.

 and if you are not fan of Conjuring universe and you just like all types of horror movies then from my opinion you must watch The Nun at least once because whatever its plot is but movie is too scary if you want to face the fear and witness the darkest chapter of The Conjuring then this is a must watch movie for you guys.

The Nun Movie

Directing of The Nun Movie 

Corin Hardy is the director of The Nun movie he made this movie pretty good and speaking about environment of this film so that is amazing Corin Hardy done great job and also worked hard to make this movie scary Corin Hardy also made The Hallow 2015 and its upcoming next project is The Crow 2019. 

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