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Thursday, September 6, 2018

How to Train Your Dragon 3 'The Hidden World' Plot

How to Train Your Dragon 3 plot
How to Train Your Dragon 3

How to Train Your Dragon 3 Plot

How to Train Your Dragon 3 is coming in this year this movie title has been set and its name is The Hidden World and also its trailer has been released too but what is the plot of this movie?

According to me Hiccup who is the main character of this film series tell his story about his hidden world and how he changed everyone’s life, and thought above all Dragons are not bad they can live with them and after this Toothless meat with a new Dragon similar to him with white skin colour named Light Fury so Toothless fall in love with her and trying to impress her but she teleport herself in somewhere yes this Dragon have ability to teleport herself with this kind of unique power she can go anywhere in seconds then Hiccup go to find Light Fury with Astrid and then they found a hidden place of Dragons there are lots of new Dragons.

In that place they meet Grimmel who is the main villain of this movie and he is a Dragon hunter so Grimmel came in the town of Hiccup because he had all kind of Dragons except Toothless that is why he attacked on Hiccup’s town then Hiccups and his friends battle against Grimmel and his armies.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 Hiccup's new armor
Hiccup's Armor

How to Train Your Dragon 3 Characters

This is Hiccup's new armor which he using on the battle field he upgraded his armor with some new features. 
In this film we will see a cute love story and a massive battle this is going to be perfect animated movie from DreamWorks but its official date is not confirmed yet but in this film we can see returning of Drago who was the villain of "How to Train Your dragon 2 and also Eret can be return. This movie will be release on 2019 don’t miss it guys and you can also see the trailer of this film on Youtube. 

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