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Monday, September 3, 2018

Death of Superman Movie Review and Reference

Death of Superman 2018 movie
Death of Superman

Death of Superman 

Death of Superman is an action animated movie which was released on 20 July 2018, there is no second opinion of the fact that animated movies of DC universe are better than original live action movies of DC.
In this movie we saw Doomsday as an villain we knows that how powerful is Doomsday he specially made to destroy Superman he is the creature of Krypton planet and unbelievable strong so let get to the point in this movie Doomsday came from space and when he arrives in earth he started to destroy everything Doomsday is a complete destruction machine he cannot think like humans he don’t feel anything he is a killer machine his motive is just kill everyone when he  killing people in the movie so all the mighty members of Justice League trying to stop him but no one couldn’t do this even wonder woman was defeated so easily only Superman is the last hope then Superman came and trying to kill Doomsday the battle between those two was so amazing and also the effect of action was great with full of excitement at the end Doomsday was killed by the hand of Superman but there was a sad moment that he also died with Doomsday in that battle that’s was a great experience for me from my opinion Death of Superman was an amazing action movie with best storyline different from previous series it is recommended animated movie from DC universe. 

Multi Superman movie is coming
Multi Superman

Death of Superman Reference 

If you saw credit scene of this film you know that there is a reference of an upcoming DC animated movie where we will see multi Superman battle between them so, get ready guys want to see Superman vs Superman then wait for this movie it is going to be outstanding. 

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