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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Child's Play Movie is Rebooting?

Child's Play

Child's Play Movie is Rebooting?

Child's Play movie is rebooting after many years this is a horror concept movie based on a haunted doll named it Chucky its previous films was good but not so scary it was like a fun time pas movie.

MGM studio made only three parts of Child’s Play and its last part was released on 1991 after that Universal Pictures was start making movies on Child’s Play but they change their name to Chucky which was an evil doll in Child’s Play because the previous movies of Child’s Play was made by MGM studio then perhaps they Sell their rights to Universal Pictures but now this look like MGM studio taken back his rights and decided to make a fresh reboot of Child’s Play.

According to studio this fresh reboot movie of Child’s Play will be completely different from previous series and this new movie will be a dark and violence film they trying to make a haunted doll movie inspired by Annabelle series but what happened why they want to make Child's Play again after many years?

Ready Player One

Child's Play Movie Easter Egg

The answer is director Steven Spielberg who directed his latest movie Ready Player One in this movie we saw a Easter Egg of Chucky and that was very scary moment so they saw that scary Chucky and decided to make a fresh reboot of Child's Play with completely different haunted Chucky with new identity and this news is officially confirmed but there is no release date confirmed yet but probably we can see this new Child's Play movie in under 2020.

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