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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Origin Movie of Joker in 2019

DC is working on a new project the origins movie of Joker all DC fans know what is the character of Joker this origin movie will be a dark movie but this movie will not related any others DC Universe movies this movie is directing by Todd Phillips and producing by Martin Scorsese in this movie we can't​ see Batman but we could actually see Thomas Wayne father of  Bruce wayne and also we can see Zazie Beetz who did the great job in Deadpool 2. this movie's plot will be different and also this will be not related with the upcoming DC Universe movies and there is another official confirmation is came that DC found the actress who will play the role of Joker's mother and give the movie a perfect story. Frances Conley will play the role of his mother she is old but a great actrees. This movie is all  about Joker it is a complete origin of Joker this movie will  be releasing on 4 October 2019. 


  1. Wow I am excited to know what will happen next in this series

    1. Thank you for being my regular visitor and you will get regularly updated about latest movies.