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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Monsters Universe Is Going To Be Huge

Godzilla The King Of Monsters
A new movie is on the way from the Monsters Universe named Godzilla The King Of Monsters. As we saw the trailer of this movie we can see many monsters are here like Rodan, Ghidhora and Mothra but in this movie Godzilla is not the nemesis or dangerous for people he just trying to defeat the evil monsters Ghidhora and Rodan who is trying to destroy the whole city and armies and soldiers cannot defeat these monsters by themselves but with the help of Godzilla they can defeat them in the fact Godzilla is not the evil monster. But the most important thing is in the future this Godzilla will be merge with the Monster Kong.
We already saw Kong The Skull Island and that movie was great in the credit scene of Kong The Skull Island we saw the reference of all these monsters which is shown in the trailer of Godzilla The King of Monsters and this is the beginning of the Monsters Universe.  
In his movie there are many new characters in the casting like Vera Farmiga and Charles Dance they both are very god. We saw Vera Farmiga in the Universe of Conjuring she played the role of Lorraine Warren and Charles Dance is also a great actor and did pretty well job in a famous TV series Games of Thrones where he played the role of Tywin Lannister. So you can see this movie has been complete and it will be releasing on 31 May 2019 and after this film we will see another movie from this universe in 2020 named Godzilla Vs Kong final showdown against the monsters.

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