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Monday, August 20, 2018

Thanos Vs Darkseid Who Will Win?

We all know about Thanos he is the evil character from the Marvel Universe and also the strongest one. We saw Thanos in Avengers Infinity War without infinity Gauntlet he can easily defeat the powerhouse known as The Hulk and he already did it in Infinity War but if he had Gauntlet then he will be unstoppable and become a complete destruction machine. Simply he can defeat all the Avengers hand to hand we already saw what he did in Infinity War that’s is why he is the strongest villain in Marvel Universe.

Darkseid a pure evil heart and complete destruction machine this character is from DC Universe and the strongest villain of DC he is more powerful than Doomsday who already defeat Superman. But Darkseid is the strongest on he can easily defeat all members of Justice League according to Darkseid the strongest one will live but remember he is a God of planet Apocalypse which means the strongest in the universe you can see Darkseid vs Superman in many animated movies but in the live action movie Darkseid in not introduce yet but soon you will see him because he is the main villain of Justice League.

Thanos Vs Darkseid
But the most important what will be happened if Darkseid and Thanos Battle againts each other who will win the match?
If they fight with each other then the whole planet can be destroyed Thanos have his Infinity Gauntlet and Darkseid have Omega Beam this beam is simply to strong for opponent Darkseid once use his beam to defeat Superman that is why he can defeat Thanos in one on one match because normally Darkseid is more powerful than Thanos there is no chance for Thanos to beat Darkseid but there is a way to defeat Darkseid and that way is Infinity Gauntlet with the help of these he can claim the victory but it will be not so easy because Darksied is a God anf if he use his full power than he can destroy Thanos in fair fight Darkseid claim the victory.     

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