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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Big Mistake of DC Universe

Big Mistake of DC Universe
DC Universe

Big Mistake of DC Universe

DC is the most popular universe in all over the world and also the oldest one but now Marvel Universe is overtaking DC and became also the popular one and give many amazing grossing movies of all time like The Avengers Infinity War so what is wrong with DC why it cannot take back his place where it belong because there is many mistake are here which is done by DC and the main big mistake is that DC didn’t consider in the origins of Superheroes and Marvel is also a Superheroes Universe but it mainly target is considering on the origins of Superheroes that is why fans love Marvel because they completely understand about superheroes and where they came from and what are their abilities and here DC beat down by Marvel but now DC understand his mistake and trying to fix it.
Now Dc is working very hard and focusing mainly on the origins of superheroes like they made “Wonder Woman” where we can see origin of her how she born and how she became the warrior and many things about “Wonder Woman” and DC made his next origin movie of “Aquaman” which is releasing on 14 December 2018 and the latest upcoming superhero origin movie will be “Shazam” which will be release on 2019.
So now DC is running on the right place and fans can understand everything about DC character

Upcoming Movies of Superheroes

there is lots of superheroes origins film are coming like Flash Point, Green Lantern Corps, Cyborg, Joker and Black Adam so DC fans going to love these movies definitely.

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