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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Will Dc Make Better Universe Than Marvel?

Marvel vs DC
We all know about DC universe it's superhero famous in worlwide but in these day Marvel made his own universe and became popular in all over the world even marvel surpassed DC universe but the question is will DC makes better universe the answer is perhaps yes in July 2018 on the event of comic Con in San Diego dc showed the footage of first trailer of upcoming dc superhero named 'Shazam' and the first solo movie of 'Aquqman' according to critics DC is working very hard in his movies and there is a good possibility that dc can surpass marvel critics also talk about his upcoming superhero solo movies according to critics 'Aquaman' will be a great movie we never imagined that dc can make a colorful movies it is going to be great underwater superhero movies and they also inspired with the newest upcoming superhero 'Shazam' DC claimed that there is many upcoming solo superhero movies in DC project like Wonder woman 2, Flashpoint, Cyborg , and also Man of Steel 2, so wait until you see what DC has got for his fans.

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